Long term working relationships have been forged within our team based on trust, performance, and collaboration.

Our mission is to help organisations achieve business transformation and navigate the path towards innovation through IT-enabled product development that:

  • supports differentiated end-customer offerings;
  • improves both internal and external end-customer service experience helping achieve business objectives;
  • delivers new efficiencies to reduce cost of operations;
  • supports customer and user engagement via qualitative and quantitative research and design thinking.

We deploy small teams to work on big challenges in collaboration with our clients. We view our clients as partners who join the team to ensure we understand their business.

Putting users first and commitment to working together has demonstrated our ability to consistently deliver successful projects.

We have worked together on various entrepreneurial ventures and projects since the ‘90s. Many of our team members originally met when working with companies such as IBM and Queensland Systems Integration (aka QSI Payments circa 1990s to 2002, subsequently known as Dialect Payments from 2002), which eventually became a MasterCard owned company. Team members have also held senior positions with industry leaders such as SAP, Accenture, and Hewlett-Packard.

Long term working relationships have been forged within our team based on trust, performance, and collaboration. This means we tackle complex problems more confidently and effectively, thereby providing our clients with better value and outcomes. Being lean and nimble also means we can respond quickly and when required, extended project teams can be built rapidly through our trusted network.

Establishing our own organisation in 2016 was well overdue. We thrive on a collaborative culture where we can all enjoy working together while building a reputation for innovation and delivery based on considerable experience and intellectual capacity. We welcome the opportunity to engage in exploratory discussions, particularly around complex and challenging problem areas so that we can demonstrate our capability to your Enterprise.

Astor Technology is part of the Latent Ventures group headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, which consists of Astor Technology, Tobruk Security, the Rockart Center, and Cogent Labs.