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Our team has decades of project experience working with a range of financial services providers and enterprises challenged with financial transaction management and security. Our success in project delivery has included global card schemes, local and international banks, financial services providers, insurance companies, and enterprises across industries the travel, media, and entertainment industries.

Examples of transformational projects that our team members have worked on both recently and over the past two decades include:

“White label” International Payment Gateway Service for Banks

Project delivery over several years included the on-going enhancement of the core payment technology as well as ongoing specification and integration of a new acquirer and payment processor interfaces.

The solution now has over 100 member banks with over 100,000 merchants across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Suitable for large clients requirements including Airlines, Media, and Entertainment corporations.

Global B2B Purchase Card Payment Gateway

Project delivery and support of specialised payment processing software for a global card scheme to support the processing of Purchase Card online transactions between suppliers and services.

The service was rolled out to 17 countries in 7 languages.

This required the development of complex payment messaging to carry detailed purchase order and invoice line item data along with the standard card payment transaction data in order to support more efficient payment reconciliation between transacting businesses.

Payments and Reconciliation Hub

Implemented a comprehensive multi-channel enterprise payments hub and reconciliation solution for a major Australian B2C enterprise in the entertainment industry.

The implementation was based on the C-PAY platform to support PCI-DSS compliance and involved the development of several interfaces including billing, back office, bank transaction reporting, and payment gateway services.

Strategic Change Program - Financial Services corporation

Project managed the technical, corporate and client systems and program streams, including delivery of new technical architecture, client systems and IT sourcing model.

During the course of the transformation project, a full range of program and technical management expertise was provided. Skills included full project, program and management office as well as enterprise architecture, solution architecture, assurance and business analysis.

The system transformation part of this project transitioned the enterprise from numerous applications and spreadsheets into 6 core applications with common technologies and integration methodologies. Clear vendor outsource models were established with direct delivery catalogues and centralize sources of maintained expertise.

Fraud Risk Management – Major International Airline bookings

Project development and implementation of a fraud risk-rating project for use in a major Australian airline booking engine.

The technology implemented, deployed an Automated Neural Network (ANN) to predict risky bookings and routed these to out-of-band processing.

Digital convergence project - Insurance / Membership organisation

Project delivery - Provide strategic architecture and program design that delivered an integrated multi-channel client engagement experience. This included the development of a new digital platform integrated into existing CRM, call center, insurance and membership platforms.

Finance Program – Insurance

Project Advisory - Provided strategic advice to the CFO and team on the replacement of core accounting systems and the re-design of the finance and accounting business function within the organisation.

Outcomes - A unified business operating model for corporate finance and new accounting platforms.

IT Transformation – Insurance

Our consultant led a team in the design of the core IT strategy for the enterprise and the transformation of the IT function. This included a fundamental organisation design and service model change.

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