A unique team with a proven track record of successful project delivery.

Successful delivery of enabling IT is at the core of Astor Tech's capabilities. Our success in project outcomes can be seen in our ability to partner and collaborate with our clients across both technical and business functions.

Our operations team has a proven history of successful project delivery combined with decades of professional experience. Here are the key areas of our expertise and capability that contribute to delivery.

Business problem / opportunity analysis

Critical to achieving efficient project delivery and successful outcomes is the ability to plan upfront with business stakeholders. We have the experience and capability to help you identify an achievable approach to solving a business problem through innovation and IT enablement.

Solution innovation & design

Once an approach has been selected, our team leverages its considerable breadth of skills to design an innovative solution that balances key factors such as the ability to:

  • adapt to changing business requirements;
  • provide an engaging user experience;
  • provide efficient workflow
  • integrate with complementary and legacy systems
  • deliver flexible business reporting & intelligence
  • meet architectural standards for maintainability;
  • leverage legacy systems investments;
  • provide for cyber defence and information security.

Architecture & Roadmap

Our team has a strong capability in Enterprise Architecture, which many Enterprises struggle to implement successfully. IT is complex involving a myriad of business systems and disparate technologies. We can help your Enterprise improve its IT spend to business benefit ratio through a clearly understood architected approach & IT roadmap that is both pragmatic and effective.

Business Intelligence

All too often, we see the requirement for flexible and advanced reporting left to last or as an afterthought. We can proactively develop your business reporting and intelligence requirements as part of a new solution implementation, which benefits users immediately from go-live date. We also have project experience in developing BI solutions for existing legacy systems given our capabilities in database systems and commercially available BI tools.

Cyber Defence & Information Security

Whether you’re investing in new solutions or concerned about the security of existing legacy systems, we can provide expert advice on cyber defence and information security for your IT environment. All enterprises are now at risk with increasing levels of internal fraud and external cyber-attack, which can result in compromised security, data theft, substantial recovery costs, and loss of business revenue. Having worked with many large enterprises, we have developed a mature understanding of information security business risk and specialist infosec skill sets, which offer peace of mind with board level assurance.

Systems Integration

We understand data exchange & access linkages between legacy systems and new systems, which can help to rapidly deliver new and innovative products and services. Enterprise level IT typically consists of many business systems and disparate technologies which can often present road blocks to providing new and valuable end-user experiences. Our project experience from small to large scale integration across multiple industries demonstrates our ability to solve complex system integration issues no matter what technologies are being deployed from back office, front office, internet and mobile devices.

Application Development

Our extensive experience across multiple industries enables our clients to benefit from reduced IT costs and improved system efficiencies when application development is required. Our software development team is fully equipped with the latest development methodologies and tools to develop flexible and efficient end-user /customer driven applications to meet the most stringent business requirements across functionality, quality of user experience, cyber/information security, architecture, reliability, availability and serviceability.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can often deliver new levels of efficiency and IT cost reduction, with enhanced security and usability solutions to achieve high availability, scalability, and information security. We provide comprehensive services for the planning, development, and implementation of cloud computing services from a basic hosting service through to a fully scalable cloud environment with outsourced operations of IT infrastructure and applications.

Bespoke vs Off-the-Shelf Solutions

In some situations, the functional advantage of unique and highly specialised bespoke solutions can become impractical due to lack of flexibility and high support overheads. In these situations, commercially proven “off-the-shelf” applications can often address the majority of business requirements and cut implementation and support costs significantly.

Our team has experience with implementation of the following types of solutions:

  • Enterprise Finance Systems
  • Enterprise Payments & Reconciliation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Financial Transaction Switching
  • Customer Resource Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning / Supply Chain Management
  • Construction / Job / Project Costing
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • e-Commerce
  • m-Commerce
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